Koyasan Area Bus & Express Bus
Specialty Tickets

World Heritage Koyasan
One-Day Free Ticket

This unlimited-ride ticket can be used all day for travel around Koyasan.

Sale price

Adults: 830 yen / Children: 420 yen

Special Offers

  Shop or Restaurant Special Offers
1 YORYU Souvenir Food and Drink 10% off
2 FUZEN Frozen "Sasamaki Anpu" purchase Sasamaki Anpu one service
3 NAKAMOTO MEIGYOKUDO Souvenir 10% off
4 JUZUYA SHIROBE Souvenir 10% off
5 YOSHIDAYA Croquette tasting Present
6 MARUMAN Food and Drink Refreshments Present
7 YOUKATEN 650yen or more Food and Drink Drink fee 100yen off
8 SAZANAMI 1,000yen or more purchase 10% off
9 MIYAZAKI "Koya Maki" Souvenir 5% off
10 WAKYU Souvenir Food and Drink 10% off
11 KADOHAMA "Gomatoufu" purchase 10% off or taste "Gomatoufu"
12 KOYASAN DAISHIDO 500yen or more purchase Little gift Present
13 MIZUKI "Miso" product 1,000yen or more 10% off
14 KATSUMAYA 1,000yen or more purchase 5% off
15 TSUKUMO Food and Drink 10% off
16 Souvenir Restaurant NISHIRI 1,000yen or more purchase Little gift present
100yen off 100yen off
17 SANBOU Food and Drink 100yen off
18 HOUTOKUDO Souvenir 10% off
1,000yen or more purchase Little gift Present
20 KOMI CAFFEE Order it Small sweets Service
21 JUZUYA KAHE Souvenir 10% off
22 HIRANO pharmacy "Daranisuke" 10% off
23 Reihokan Admission fee 600yen ⇒ 480yen 20% off
24 Kondo Admission fee 200yen ⇒ 160yen 20% off
25 Konpon Daitou Admission fee 200yen ⇒ 160yen 20% off
26 Kongobuji Admission fee 500yen ⇒ 400yen 20% off


  • Tickets are sold only at the counter in the bus office in front of Koyasan Station.
  • The ticket can be used as many times as desired on the valid day shown on the front. (The ticket cannot be used on days other than the specified valid day.)
  • The ticket can be used anywhere within the pass area shown on the front. (The pass cannot be used on Tateri Line express buses or the Koya Ryujin Line.)
  • Refunds for basic fare tickets will not be issued after the beginning of use or after the date of validity.

Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket

This ticket set features a discount round-trip train ticket to Koyasan Station and a two-day, unlimited-ride basic bus fare ticket for the Koyasan area.
Discount tickets are also available, including 20% off admission tickets.

One-way ticket for Koyasan & Kumano
access bus, the UNESCO World Heritage
pilgrimage route
Sales location: Koyasan office or
inside the bus

Koyasan-Hongu Taisha bus service transit ticket

This bus service departs from Koyasan bound for Kumano Kodo and the Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine, stopping at Gomadanzan, Ryujin Onsen, and Kurisugawa bus stops. Transits at Gomadanzan and Kurisugawa bus stops.

Sale price

Adult 5,000 yen / Children 2,500 yen

Koyasan-Kurisugawa bus service transit ticket

This bus service departs from Koyasan bound for Kumano Kodo (with stops at Nakahechi and Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine). The Gomadanzan transit stop offers service to Kurisugawa (Nakahechi) via Ryujin Onsen.

Sale price

Adult 3,800 yen / Children 1,900 yen

Koyasan-Ryujin Onsen bus service transit ticket

Visit the hidden Ryuji Onsen, known as one of Japan’s top three beauty hot springs.
Note: Please change to the Ryujin Bus service at Gomadanzan.

Sale price

Adult 2,900 yen / Children 1,450 yen

Koyasan- Kii-Tanabe bus service transit ticket

This bus service departs from Koyasan to Kii-Tanabe via Ryujin Onsen. Please use it when going to Shirahama.

Sale price

Front of Koyasan Station
Adult 4,480 yen / Children 2,350 yen
Senjuinbashi Est
Adult 4,320 yen / Children 2,270 yen
Adult 4,270 yen / Children 2,240 yen

Koya Ryujin Line

During April 1st - the last day of November
1 service per day on weekdays 2 services per day on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
For more detail, please inquire to Koyasan service office.
Operation will be suspended on June 9th, Sunday due to UltraMarathon.

Koya Ryujin Skyline
One-Way Ticket

Running along the Kishu ridgeline, the Koya Ryujin Skyline begins atop the sacred Mount Koya and offers a striking view of the surrounding mountains.

Sale price

Adults: 1,850 yen / Children: 930 yen (cash only)