Koyasan Area Bus & Express Bus
Terms of service

Nankai Rinkan Bus route search service(hereinafter referred to as "Service"), based on the data of the bus stops, system and timetables (hereinafter referred to as " various bus data") provided by Nankai Rinkan Bus Co., Ltd, provides the route search and schedule search services based on the search system for public transport operators 「MovEasy」of Jorudan Co., Ltd.

License for Use

Jorudan Co., Ltd. licenses to the user the right to use the Service on the user’s private computer, smartphone, or tablet device and the right to print or email a portion of the contents of this Service from a web browser. The user of this Service shall not obtain any rights other than those clearly permitted by Jorudan Co., Ltd.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights and privileges, including copyright of this Service, shall remain in the possession of Jorudan Co., Ltd. or the licensors who provide information to Jorudan Co., Ltd. Unauthorized reprinting, copying, editing, revision, or transfer to a third party of the contents of this Service is prohibited.


  • 1.Use of this Service is limited to the user himself/herself. All secondary commercial use of this Service is prohibited.
  • 2.The user is prohibited from taking any action that could threaten, limit, or interfere with the rights of Jorudan Co., Ltd. or another third party in regards to this Service.
  • 3.The user cannot transfer, bequeath or otherwise alter the rights and responsibilities of these Terms of Service.


This Service does not account for disruptions in normal operation due to accidents, weather, traffic conditions, or emergency and seasonal schedules. Also, we cannot guarantee connection to our service during schedule disruptions, so be advised. Please use the search results in this Service only as a guide. Jorudan Co., Ltd. carefully checks the information in the Service and takes all necessary secondary measures, but we cannot guarantee that no inaccuracies are present, so it is recommended that users confirm the information at bus stops in advance. Also, neither Jorudan Co., Ltd. nor the licensors who provide information to Jorudan Co., Ltd. will bear any responsibility for compensatory damages in the case of a loss due to use of this Service.

Suspension / Discontinuation of Operation

Jorudan Co., Ltd may suspend or discontinue operation of this Service without prior notice due to force majeure such as natural disasters or for maintenance or repair. Jorudan Co., Ltd bears no responsibility of any kind in such cases. In addition, Jorudan Co., Ltd bears no responsibility for user’s or third party losses due to service interruption and termination.

Modifications / Completion

Jorudan Co., Ltd may modify, halt, or complete any content, display, or method of usage for this Service at any time.

Revision of Terms of Service

Be advised that Jorudan Co., Ltd. may revise, add, renew, or delete portions of these Terms of Service without prior notification.

Governing Law /Jurisdiction

The governing law of these Terms of Service shall be Japanese law. Interpretation of these Terms of Service, including cases in which a dispute or argument arises between Jorudan Co., Ltd and the user regarding this Service, shall be decided upon earnest discussion between the parties. However, if a solution is not reached, Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.


Various bus data: Nankai Rinkan Bus Co., Ltd.
The search system for public transport operators 「MovEasy」: Jorudan Co., Ltd.
Map: Google.

About the use environment

For reading the search results of this service, the browsers are recommended as following:


  • iOS: Safari latest version.
  • Android: standard browser within Android 4.2 and above.


  • IE11.0 and above、Safari(latest version)、Chrome(latest version).

This service cannot be used when browser is set to forbid using JavaScript. Please change the setting to allow to use JavaScript, and start to search again from input page.


Since walking while looking at the terminal is very dangerous, please stop to stay in a safe place when you check the terminal.